Falling for him
Falling for him pride and prejudice stories

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Jane Bennet has fallen in love, and shares a sweet moment with her sister Elizabeth talking about the ma who has stolen her heart away.

Falling for him

Elizabeth and Jane laid on their bed staring at the cracks on the ceiling.

Jane would not shut up about the handsome Mr. Bingley and had already detailed every single reason she found him so incredibly handsome, and oh so sweet.

"He's the male version of you, sister" Elizabeth joked, laughing out loud and heard her mother shushing them from the other side of the house.

She covered her mouth and continued chuckling silently. Jane tried to give her sister a reproachful look but ended up laughing as well.

"Perhaps he is. Perhaps we truly are meant for one another"

"You're falling for him hard, Jane" Elizabeth smiled at Jane, glad to see the kindest person she knew finally in love and eager to find her own way in life.

Jane was so kind, so sweet, always putting others ahead of her own wellbeing. Finally, she seemed to be ready to go for what she truly wanted. "I believe you'd make a handsome couple"

"You do?"


"If only! Do you believe a man of his status could ever take an interest in a girl like me?"

"Are you serious? You are a catch, Jane! He'll be lucky to have you as his wife!"

Jane smiled dreamily, hoping in her heart her sister was right and a marriage to someone as incredible as Mr. Bingley might be in her stars.

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