Downward spiral
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He's gone, and I fall, fall, fall.

Downward spiral

I fall.

Inch by inch, feet by feet.

There seems to be no button underneath me, nothing to stop my fall. My heartstrings linger up in the air, connecting me to the life I once knew.

All that surrounds me now is darkness, coldness, fear.

I miss her. My love. Her smile brightened my day, brought the sun into my house every morning.

She turned a lonely building into a home, my stomach filled with fluttering butterflies every time she kissed me.

And yet now she's gone, and darkness engulfs my every sense. There' no light, no happiness, not hope at the end of the tunnel.

There's just the endless downward spiral, eating me alive, devouring every memory we shared together.

It seems like it was a lifetime ago. And yet barely a week ago, she was there by my side. We laughed together, lived together.

The instant I saw her there, lying on the street, I began falling. Blood pooled around her head like a gruesome crown. Screams surrounded us. A driver calling the ambulance that wouldn't arrive in time to save her.

Now I'm alone. Falling, deeper every day.

I don't know if I'll ever see the sun again, not without my love's smile in my life.

I miss her. Down and down I go, imagining us together even in the darkest depths of my pain. I can't help but wonder...

My love, if I left too, if life slipped away from my veins, would I see her again?

Would we be reunited? Or would darkness devour me forever and a day?

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