Don't trust Jack
Don't trust Jack
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Lilith is not happy about working with Jack

Don't trust Jack

"I don't think we should trust Jack at all" Lilith told Roland, and of course she had been right.

From the first second they met that egomaniacal idiot, she had known there was something messed up about him.

Yet Colonel Zarpedon was too much of a danger, and they decided to intervene anyways, aiding the mad man.

And what a madman he turned out to be. Roland could pretend everything was alright after that sociopath murdered three scientists so cruelly, but she couldn't bring herself to do it.

"Lilith, you need to lie to him."

"Pretend nothing is the matter, it's the only way to keep him in check until we manage to stop both him and Zarpedon" Roland explained, caressing her cheek tenderly.

"This is going to end up badly, I have a feeling about it, Roland. We should fight him off right here and now and get it over with"

"It's a bad idea, there are too many things that could turn our wrong and then he could use his damned laser for his insane plans"

Lilith sighed, rolling her eyes, but eventually relenting.

"Fine, but only because I trust you" She replied, reluctantly "But if he turns out to be as big a pain in the ass as I think he will be, I'll be really pissed... and you'll owe me a beer"

"Duly noted, Lilith" He chuckled, kissing her. Against her wishes, they stepped out of the room to meet with Jack.

Lilith had a bad feeling about this whole mess, and her intuition was never wrong.

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