Caught red-handed
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Sam is looking for his brother and walks in on a surprising scene.

Caught red-handed

Dean was sleeping soundly when the door to the motel room opened, but Castiel was still wide awake, laying by his boyfriend's side.

Castiel sat up, startled to see Sam stepping in the room, but surely not as shocked as Sam looked right then

"Sam... You must be very confused" Castiel muttered, not quite knowing what to say.

Dean had convinced Cas they should keep things a secret from Sam for the time being, until they fully understood where their relationship was going.

Castiel knew he shouldn't have been sleeping with Dean, or any human for that matter, especially not while using another human as a vessel, but he couldn't help himself.

His feelings for Dean simply were too strong to handle.

"I was looking for Dean, but he had his cellphone off... So I traced him and Uhm..." Sam didn't quite know what else to say.

He had definitely caught his brother and an angel red-handed, and Dean was still fast asleep.

"We... are in love, Sam" Cas blurted out, but the second he uttered those words, he knew they were right, even if he had never told Dean he loved him yet.

Sam breathed in slowly, trying to process everything that was happening, before finally nodding.

"Look, don't tell Dean I was here. I want him to tell me in his own time, ok?" Sam whispered as he headed toward the door.

Castiel didn't quite like all these lies, but it only seemed fair Dean be the one to tell his brother about his new relationship, right?

"Alright, I promise" He whispered back before the door closed without making a sound. Dean shifted in his sleep, and Cas laid again by his side, cuddling up to the man he loved.

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