Cas tries to understand his feelings
Cas tries to understand his feelings castiel stories

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Castiel reveals his feelings for Dean and Dean decides to take action.

Cas tries to understand his feelings

"Dean, can I speak to you?"

Dean tensed as he sat up on his bed. Of course only moments ago he had been alone, about to fall asleep. Now there was an angel in his room.

"Ever heard of knocking?" Dean asked Castiel, as he stared up at him, standing by the edge of his bed.

"I don't see the use of it"

"Of course you don't" Dean sighed, getting ready to stand up, but Castiel stopped him midway.

"No, no, don't stand," He told Dean, and took a seat by his side instead. Dean sighed and shrugged, letting Castiel speak. "I have these feelings I don't understand, Dean"

"That's not exactly news, Cas"

"I know, it happens from time to time, but these are different"

"How so?"

"It's about you" At this, Dean clearly began paying more attention. "I have feelings for you. Feelings I shouldn't experience, not as an angel. I feel like smiling every time you are around."

"I feel like... kissing you"

"Kissing me?" Dean asked, and Cas nodded. The hunter smiled, utterly relieved his feelings were reciprocated after all.

He grinned wickedly and moved closer to Castiel until their noses brushed "Like this?"

Without further warning, he kissed the handsome angel. Much to his delight, Cas melted against his touch.

"This is..." Cas slipped away, trying to ask yet another question, but Dean shook his head.

"It's not the time to talk" He interrupted Castiel and kissed him again and the angel kissed him back, hard. For the first time, Castiel simply let himself feel.

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