But I'm the prettiest girl in school!

But I'm the prettiest girl in school! danny phantom stories

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Paulina is feeling charitable, but Danny is not having it.

But I'm the prettiest girl in school!

Paulina was appalled. She had decided to do some charity work that month after her abuelito had scolded her for being too conceited and threatened not to go to her Quinceanera.

She knew that silly Danny guy had a crush on her, so she walked up to him, and plainly explained to him that he would have the privilege to take her on a single date.

She was so generous!

And yet, Danny had rejected her fantastic offer.

"What do you mean you won't accept? I'm the prettiest girl in school!" She whined, crossing her arms defensively and raising her brows as high as they could go on her forehead.

"I told you, I'm dating someone else!"

"Whoever it is can't be as gorgeous as I am."

"I'm sorry, Paulina, but she is. Plus... it's not about looks."

Now Paulina knew Danny was insane: Everything was about looks!

"That's so stupid!" She replied rolling her eyes. "Come on, accept you want to take me on a date and just dump that silly girl. Who's she anyways?"

"Sam. And she's not silly, she's amazing."

"Sam?! That ugly goth girl?!"

"She's not ugly, Paulina!" Danny defended his girlfriend, shaking his head in disapproval. How could he have been so stupid to ever have a crush on her? "Anyways, I have to go to class."

"Thank you, but I'm really not interested"

And so Danny just walked away. He had actually rejected her and walked away!

"But I'm the prettiest girl in school!" Paulina screamed as he turned around the corner, stomping the ground in disbelief.

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