Best friends
Best friends star vs the forces of evil stories

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Tom and Marco are the best of friends.

Best friends

Sure, he was a demon. But he was the coolest demon in the world!

Tom was not always easy to deal with, and sometimes the dark side in him wanted to hurt people and make everything burn,

but little by little Marco had shown him there was another way of fixing problems.

It was amazing how two people coming from such different background... even different worlds!... could be so similar in so many aspects.

They had the same silly sense of humor and the same taste in music, after all.

Marco had never felt quite so comfortable around any other friend before! He had never met someone he kicked so perfectly with than Tom.

"I have tickets to Love Sentence!" Tom exclaimed, bursting into his best friend's room jumping with excitement.

"No way, dude!" Marco screamed, jumping to hug Tom. "You are the best!"

"Let's go! It starts in less than two hours, and we have amazing seats!"

Marco rushed to his closet to grab one of his hundreds of identical red hoodies and put a random one on, before heading to the door.

"Let's go! We can't miss a single moment of Justin Tower's singing! Do you think they'll sing Awesome feeling?!"

"How could they not?" Tom replied following behind, ready to jump into this carriage and drive them to the concert.

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