Amelia meets her raggedy man
Amelia meets her raggedy man doctor who stories

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Little Amelia Pond meets the Doctor

Amelia meets her raggedy man

Amelia Pond couldn't sleep. She was certainly supposed to be dreaming of ice cream and toys, in bed already, but she couldn't go into her bedroom.

The crack was there. Always waiting.

Young Amelia didn't know what it was about that crack that scared her so terribly, but she did know that anything would be better than being all alone in this big house,

with her aunt out on a date and that crack in her bedroom.

Nothing but a kid's imagination, her aunt told her over and over again, but Amelia wasn't having it.

Be as it may, Amelia Pond was awake that night, and alone in her house, which was why she immediately heard the explosion.

With no adult in the house to call the police, the young girl instead rushed outside and met the man who would change her entire life.

The tiny redheaded girl rushed outside, curiosity shining much brighter than fear, as she made it to her backyard.

Imagine her surprise as the first thing she saw was a big police box, over her aunt's flowers!

And a man, a tall, raggedy man stumbling out of it, as if it was the most common occurrence in the world!

"Uh... are you alright?" She asked, relieved not to notice any wounds in the odd man "You'll get in trouble with my aunt, she loves those flowers!"

"Of course I'm alright, tiny human!" The odd man replied immediately and began sniffing around like a hound dog. "I'm also hungry, incredibly hungry."

Amelia could have never imagined her night would only be beginning at 10 pm at night, meeting the strangest man she ever did see.

She had no idea how this encounter would completely alter her life from that point forward.

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