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Pandora turned out not to be the great opportunity people believed it would be.


Pandora was supposed to be a dream come true, the new planet of opportunities. So many families had packed up, abandoned everything they owned and loved, and hopped onto a spaceship to adventure.

They had been promised great profits, a new life, a great future.

They had been promised over and over and over again that their lives would be better, that their children would have a new place to live safely, with secure jobs when they grew up.

It had all been a lie.

They had been so innocent to believe Dahl Corporation's promises. All those corporations lied, it was what they did, how they made a living.

They had been afraid of the military force sent by Atlas, and they had packed up and left but did not care about any of the settlers.

Well, that was a lie...

they cared about the officers and the wealthy patrons, but everyone else was left behind to rot,

surrounded by criminals who had once been a great source of free work and now were free to destroy the world around them.

People had arrived searching for a new dream, a new life. Children had laughed and imagined a great future ahead. Now dreams were dead, and all they could do was try and survive.

"Daddy, I want to go back home" Children often pleaded with their parents, remembering how life was before they moved.

Sure, it had been hard, but nothing compared to this new hell they had been shoved into.

"This is our home now" Their parents reluctantly replied invariably.

Not because they wanted to stay, but because they didn't have the resources to leave, not after being abandoned by the very company they had trusted so foolishly.

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