A Zootopia-Space Jam crossover
A Zootopia-Space Jam crossover zootopia stories
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Nick and Judy go to a basketball game, and Judy's excited to meet her idol, Lola Bunny!

A Zootopia-Space Jam crossover

"I can't believe we're going to meet Lola Rabbit!" Judy squeals in delight as they walk to their seats at the stadium, ready to enjoy another great Looney Tunes Team's game.

"You just want to meet her because she's the only tall bunny in the entire world!"

Nick teases her, helping her up to one of the tallest seats so she can watch the game over the head of the rhino sitting in front of them.

"Oh, shush! I want to meet her because she's a strong, inspirational rabbit!"

"Who just happens to be tall instead of small like you" He chuckles openly. Nick loves to see Judy flushed and annoyed. It's just too cute! Even if she hates to be called that.

"It's starting; it's starting!" Judy squeals, ignoring Nick's teases and claps in excitement as the team runs out onto the field. There's Buggs and Lola and all the rest of them.

She screams merrily as she clasps, her small bunny tail wiggling adorably.

The game, as usual, is excellent, with each member of the team shining in their own way. But it's Lola Judy is fascinated with!

She cheers for her with each new dribble she manages and points she earns.

"So how did you manage to get us to meet the team again?" Judy asks as they walk hand in hand toward the backstage area after the game.

"Being a celebrity cop has its benefits" He replies with a little wink, and Judy wrinkles her nose suspiciously.

"You did a hustle, right?"

"You know it, sweetheart."

This time, Judy lets him get away with it, but only because she's so excited! She's holding a Lola Bunny poster which is almost a tall as herself but refuses to let Nick carry it for her.

And there she is! Tall and gorgeous and the best player in her team, combing back her long ears.

"Miss Lola!" Judy squeals excitedly "It's such an honor to meet you! I'm such a big fan of yours!"

"Aww, aren't you a darling?" Lola replies with a big smile. "Did you guys enjoy the game?"

"We sure did! You were amazing in it!" Judy hops excitedly on the spot but refrains herself from doing it when she notices Nick's amused smirk.

"Uh, Miss Lola? I wondered if you could sign this for me?"

"Of course!" Lola says, grabbing the poster, and as she does so, gets a good look at the little bunny. "Say, aren't you that police officer that solved the Bellwether case?"

"We are those police officers, yeah" Nick chimes in, before Judy can reply, and gets a little frown from his girlfriend, but Judy soon turns to face Lola again.

"Yes! Yes, it was us!"

"Well, then I'm the one impressed to meet you!" Lola replies excitedly and signs the poster "For Judy, the best police officer this city has ever seen. Love, Lola"

"Ohhhh, thank you so much!" Judy's tail is wiggling around like crazy now, and not even Nicks' teasing look can make it stop.

"I'll have this framed!" She squeals as she grabs the poster back and stares at it in awe.

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