A tiny box with a big question
A tiny box with a big question doctor who stories

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Amy has a big decision to make and she's not sure what the answer to her problems is yet.

A tiny box with a big question

Amy had been waiting her entire life to see her Doctor again, and when she finally decided to give up on that chance, he came back to her.

It was so unfair! Right when she was getting her life on track, right when Rory had proposed, the Doctor came back and whisked her away to a great adventure.

It was such a tiny box, the one containing the ring. So tiny, but with such big, enormous implications.

That tiny, minuscule little detail she had kept a secret.

She was getting married.

Amy tried to keep it a secret from her raggedy man. She had kept it a secret for far too long and now she knew she had to stop lying and let him know the truth.

So, after much deliberation, Amy asked the Doctor to take her back to the very night they had met once again, the night where they began their journey together.

Amy stepped into her room, the room with a wedding dress hanging from the dresser and a little box. A little box containing a little ring that symbolized a huge, enormous commitment.

A commitment she wasn't sure she was willing to accept, not now that HE was back in her life.

Could she marry Rory now that the Doctor was back in her life? She wasn't so certain about the answer any longer.

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