A lifetime together

A lifetime together topanga stories
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A sweet morning at the Matthew's houshold.

A lifetime together

We've been through thick and thin together. We've been to hell and back again, and through it all Topanga was always his best friend.

They got married after lots of coming and going, and though some doubted that they'd make it in the long run, but look at them now,

more in love than ever and with two wonderful kids in their lives.

Topanga had given him two amazing children.

Riley was the eldest and she reminded him so much of her when he was her age, both in the struggles her teenage years were putting her through and in her personality.

He saw Topanga in her as well, and this only made him prouder of his eldest daughter. Auggie was such a sweet child as well, and how could he wish for a better family?

That morning, he was sitting down having breakfast with his daughter, his son and his amazing wife, laughing and chatting,

and Cory knew he had been blessed more than he ever imagined a person could be.

"I love you guys," He said out of the blue, and though they gave him a funny look since the remark was absolutely out of the blue, they soon smiled and echoed back:

"We love you too, daddy!" Riley and Auggie squealed.

"I love you, honey" Topanga replied, kissing him tenderly and offering him another cup of coffee.

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