Fry x Bender pt1
Fry x Bender pt1 futurama stories

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Fry x Bender pt1

“Fry.” Fry jolts awake to find Bender hovering over his bed. His semi glowing eyes were looking to the side almost nervously. Fry sits up, squinting, and turns to his bedside stand, looking at the clock. “Bender,” he says tiredly. “It’s two in the

morning. Stop making me watch All My Circuits with you every night.” He flops back onto his pillow and closes his eyes, covering his head with his arm. “No, it’s not that, this time,” Bender says. Fry opens his eyes again. Bender still wouldn’t look at him. “Bender,” he says, a bit

more awake now. “Is something wrong?” Bender sighs and kneels down beside the bed, his metal knees making a small flank against the wood floor. He sets his arms on the bed. “Fry.” Bender meets his gaze. “I’ve met a ton of humans and robots, and I’ve fallen in love countless times.” He pauses and stares at Fry intently. Fry is quiet. He somehow knows

where this is going, even though never in a million years would he have thought this would happen. “Philip... I love you.” Fry sits up and takes one of Bender’s hands in his. It feels cold, but still somehow full of life. “Oh, Bender... I love you too. I don’t know when I started, but somehow I always have.” Bender clutches Fry and puts his head in his lap. “I love you

too, Bender, I love you too.” Fry closes his eyes, bends his head towards him, and plants a kiss on Bender’s head.

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