Take Me Home So I Can Be Alone
Take Me Home So I Can Be Alone art stories
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artist92 Coffee Drinker and Art Lover
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Having anxiety, and needing to be alone.

Take Me Home So I Can Be Alone

Take me away from the crowd before I cry out loud.

Let me be in peace and away from this large feast.

At the feast, it accompanies all of these relatives who probably don’t even know my name. I will go insane.

So take me away from these people that are like a flock of geese, butting heads in my business, even my niece.

These people don’t know the world that I know. They see it differently than this anxiety ridden show.

I clench my fists sitting down, trying to take ahold of my reality. Trying to gain back my sanity. Take me home so I can be alone.

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