The Eyes That Bind
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The eyes There's a moment when ours meet

The Eyes That Bind

The eyes

There's a moment when ours meet

You see right through me

And I try to hide

Vulnerability has been taught to me

To be a bad thing

But you see right through me

Piercing sight lines

Heat up the hot minds

As you set a flame to my mind's eye

As I visualize divine entity

That I secretly adore

But no more secrets

You see past them as you see through me

You watch me speak the truth

As if I was saying it with my own mouth

The desire and curiosity is written on my face

As I face the object of my desires

Mental stimulation

Your mind games

Put me in a mind frame

Trying to become who I became

That had you piecing my soul in the first place

The finish line in my mind

Is letting you know what I know

I want you

Not between the sheets

But between those two eyes

I want to know what makes you tick inside

Barely inside my own mind

Do I understand where I stand in my own time

But I'll take the time to figure let you in

Every time needs a timekeeper

And I'll keep you if you decide to stay

Love is only love if the intertwined stay together

And I'd rather take a chance on you

Than to watch you slip away

I'm the type of man that learns from his mistakes

To let you fall into another is another strike against my psyche

To not know the unknown unknown of who you might be

Undeniably beautiful

But it's your personality that lets me know you deserve me

You deserve the love I have to give

Valentine's Day everyday

I expect you to be off on your birthday

Random gifts on the weekdays

I want you so

But these things you know

You seeing through my soul as our eyes meet

Eyes of the beholder

As I behold her

As I behold you

In the dead of night

Always believe the eyes

Because the eyes never lie

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