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Have you seen your doppleganger?

Other me

I go to bed every 11 pm. Sometimes I go past that time because I just couldn't feel sleepy. I read books in my iPad, or watch movies and just casually listening to music until I fall asleep.

Our house hasn't been renovated since the day it was built.

It's pretty old and there's a part in my ceiling that's falling apart due to constant heavy rains and all I can see beyond that is darkness.

The windows against my headboard are wide open, to let the cool air flow. And my cabinet doors can't be closed tight. I'm no stranger to the supernatural.

I've seen things before and heard stories about this old house I live in.

It was 1 am when I was watching my favorite movie, In the Heart of the Sea. The volume in my earphones are rather loud so that nothing can distract me from the dialogue. "...

you sent them into the storm?" I paused the movie to make sure no one's calling my name. I'm sure someone called. I continued watching.

A few minutes in and I heard my name again, it was a gravelly voice whispered into my ear. I felt chills.

I paused the movie and put down my tablet, I closed the windows and the moment I turned around I saw it.

Staring at me with it's eyes faintly seen from the dark, smiling and gritting its teeth left and right, crouching at the hole in the ceiling...another me.

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