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artelia I can't put into words my inner world
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Do you wonder... how does it feel like?

Chained by Letters

I stare onto the empty space in front of me while quietly sitting on the bench. I can see nothing but a pure white light. I’ve been looking at it for so long.

No one seems to notice me at all, and that made me feel so lonely.

I can hear the deafening sound of the silence that surrounds me. The only thing that I can recognize is the silent plea of my heart as it breaks into pieces, day after day.

The feeling of hope when someone pass by is always crushed as I continue to be overlooked. My tear-stained shirt never gets dry and my trembling hands never seem to stop moving agitatedly.

The cycle goes on and on… and on, from the feeling of hope, anticipation, and nervousness, to the feeling of disappointment, dread, hatred, and emptiness.

I hate this. I'm tired of this. I can't go on any longer. I might as well just… end this all…

But wait. Someone is coming again. Is this person the same like the others. Will she ignore me also? Is this going to end up like the ones before… and the cycle will just continue for eternity?

Yes, I’m exhausted, but maybe, for the last time, I will allow my heart to hope again. After this last person, I’ll end this once and for all.

Here she comes. I can clearly see her now. She… she really stopped in front of me. Maybe she's just checking out the others? No. No, no, no.

Am I dreaming? Is this real? Is she really planning to choose me?

Goodness, gracious. She really did pick me!

Oh, look at her eyes… those curious, sparkling, dark green orbs. It is full of thirst and desire for adventure. This is unmistakably the reflection of her soul… and I can peer right into her. Marvelous!

Oh, look at her lips… those soft red lips. The way they move as she read the words silently and sing along with her music, it is enthralling. I can kiss her right now if I could.

Wait. Please don’t think of any inappropriate thoughts. Let me treasure this moment.

Oh, look at her face, that beautiful angelic face. So pure and innocent. So kind and sweet. I can paint her picture perfect even if I’m blinded. She is already etched into my mind and heart.

Oh, look at her… just look at her. She is the embodiment of perfection. I know I’m already deeply in love with her.

For so many years, she’s the first one to notice me… to actually read me. I can give her all she wanted. We can escape reality together. As long as she’s with me, nothing is impossible.

Is… is she leaving? But she haven’t finished the whole book! She doesn’t fully know me yet. The adventures waiting for her is unfathomable… only if ... she will continue reading would she ever know....

The question is… will she come back?

Alas, that’s right! I can’t put an end to everything right now. Not yet. I will wait for her tomorrow, next week, next month, or even next year.

I’ll wait for her return… to continue reading this book… to continue reading me. Even though I’m trapped here, chained to these letters, I can still see her.

I will wait for you, my dear reader, so please, let me see you once again. FIN

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