Little Me
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arpana Poet/Writer
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A fruitless letter to my past self.

Little Me

If I could build a time machine,

I'd have a word with little me.

I'd like to give some sound advice

On what the world deems virtue and vice

"Darling," I'd say. "It's perfectly fine,

To wake up with dreams that shine in your eyes.

But this world is too rational and practical too.

It has no place for a person like you.

Be it the song on your lips or the skip in your step,

Or the names of the people you love the best,

Bite your tongue, my dear, and don't let it out.

Or this world won't hesitate to tear you down."

But no one knows me better than I do

And I know it doesn't matter what words I choose.

I still dream in my present, so it's easy to see,

That little me won't listen to me.

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