My Whole World By; Abigail Briguglio
My Whole World

                         By; Abigail Briguglio baby stories

arose97 Community member
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My whole world is you is about my daughter ❤️

My Whole World By; Abigail Briguglio

My life changed once I knew you were coming, It didn’t feel real but I knew it was true, Inside my body, A human-being was growing. What would she be like? how would she feel?

Dreams of what she’d be like, Her hair dark or light? Thoughts of how she’d live life, And if she’d be alright. I’ll hold her hand and let her know, I’ll keep her safe and let her grow.

The day had come to hold my love, My whole heart lay outside my body, You laid your head on my chest, You didn’t even cry, It’s as if you knew that everything would be alright, My whole world changed when I looked into your eyes, My whole world is you❤️

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