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by aroobasohrab

It was a daytime..

When sun was blazing hot..

Every person seemed to be in hurry..

Cars and buses honked angrily...

Road was an utter mad house..

Suddenly the signal turned red..

I was so tired..

So I just put my head on the window of the car..

And saw outside..

My world just stopped at that moment..

Everything became still for me..

My heart was running like the ocean..

It skipped the heartbeats..

My legs were trembling..

All the memories of good times flashed back..

Our laughs,our talks,our hugs...

My eyes were filled with tears..

None other than him.

O Lord! It was him..

We never stopped looking at each other..

Unless my son started shouting..

O Dad! Its green now.. Move fast.

And his daughter who was just like him started crying..

We both then looked away from each other..

And moved on our paths..

That day signal turned green but eyes turned red..

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