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This is just a prolouge about of a far fetched novel, i am trying to write about a High school girl, who expeirences love for the first time, keep in mind this story is set in japan

Glassy Heart



I hear a voice calling my name from behind me, I turned around to find out it's Sawako, my classmate.

"Hey. Good morning" I said in response as I waited for Sawako to catch up to me.

"Heya, Good morning"

We usually run into each other on our way to school at the train station but this is was one of those times she overslept,

it's not like its super rare or anything but not too common as well, well it's Monday and the first day of the semester so I wasn't surprised.


She agrees with me with a short giggle as a follow up.

A Cold breeze runs past us making me shiver but Sawako is left unharmed, I sometimes wonder am I the one weaker or is everyone else around me just stronger?

"It sure is cold today, right?"

I nod as I dig my hands in the pockets of my coat, Sawako just chuckles on my gesture,

Well, in my defense it's still middle of the spring.

I look up in the sky, its clearer than usual, no clouds, no birds, and with the sun being behind me, I can look at it without any strain to my eyes. It's very calming.

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