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Shine goes on an emotional roller coaster as she meets BTS.

Fake Love

“Do we have to go?” I ask.

“YES!”My so called friends reply enthusiastically. Instead of hanging out and spending the day together, my friends decide to ditch me to go to the bts fanmeet.

I roll my eyes, like what is so special about bts anyway?

They all look the same although I admit that I am only saying these things about them because I’m jealous that my friends and I don’t get to spend the day together.

As if reading my mind, Ramia says, “Hey Shine what if you come with us to the fan meet? That way we get to hang out while meeting BTS!!!”

I think about it for a second and I reluctantly say “okay.” They all squeal like they just won the lottery.

Vinny, Rose, and Ramia get ready to meet their idols/love of their lives while I get to sit in the corner complaining about them taking too long.

After 15 minutes of picking outfits and putting on makeup, they are finally done. We get into my car since I’m the only one who has a license AND a car.

-Time skip-

We arrive at the fan meet really early and get in line to meet their favorite idols from BTS.

“Oh my gosh, we’re actually here,” Rose says squealing.

“We can finally meet BTS,” Ramia says holding her hand over her heart.

“And we can actually talk to them face to face,” Vinny says excitedly.

They all squeal and gush at how they are finally gonna meet these people and how they might get a heart attack because they swear that one of the members looked at them and winked.

I noticed that these little middle schoolers calling these 20 year old guys oppa.

Why were they doing that? So embarrassing! I took Korean as my elective in high school so I know Korean and I’m positive that my friends wanted me to be their translator.

Anyways we reach the front of the line and I realize that my friends have already gone and that a BTS member was calling me to meet him.

I feel my face flush due to embarrassment because I don’t know his name like the other ARMYS around me. I walk up to him and in Korean I say, “안녕, 내 이름은 샤인.

나는 군대가 아니지만 친구들이 나를 데려오고 나는 네 이름을 모른다. 그래서 미안해.”(Hi my name is Shine. I’m not an ARMY but my friends dragged me here and I don’t know your name so I’m so sorry.

) He smiles, and omg I think I just had a cuteness overload, as I feel my face blush red. His adorable, boxy smile is just soooo cute.

He looks slightly shocked as he says, “내 이름은 V 또는 Kim Taehyung

입니다.”(My name is V or Kim Taehyung.) He is so adorably awkward!! I say “만나서 반갑습니다형”( Nice to meet you hyung!) and he looks even more surprised.

“ 너 왜 그렇게 놀란거야?” (Why do you look so surprised?)

This time he answers in english and he says “You are the first person today who came to this fanmeet and spoke to me in a formal tone and in Korean.

You are also the first one to not call me oppa.” I reply by saying “ I barely know u so why would I call u oppa?” He just laughs and says “Well these ARMYs barely know me and they call me oppa.

” “They are fans” I say.

He just laughs at that and we continue to converse for I don’t know how long when suddenly this dude who looks like a bunny comes over looking like a jealous boyfriend and with a fake smile

says “What is so interesting that you have been conversing about for the last 15 mins?” I was surprised. Did we really talk for that long? My face flushed because I’ve held up the line.

By now I realized that everyone was looking at me and I blush. I smile awkwardly and say “Sorry!” “It’s not your fault. I didn’t realize the time.

It was so fun to talk to you!” V hyung says with his signature box smile. V hyung then takes his pen and signs his name on my arm. I chuckle and shake my head at him.

I proceed to talk to the other members and they are all so fun! They all signed my arm! I say goodbye to Jin hyung and move on the greet the last member.

When he lifts up his head I think my heart explodes. He was breathtaking and I think I have a crush. A huge one. He smiles at me and omg his dimples. I think I’m gonna faint.

Now I know what the ARMYs feel like. I try to act nonchalant and say “Hi! My name is..” he cuts me off and says “Shine... I know.

You are the one who was talking to V for 15 mins right?” I chuckle awkwardly and say “Yeah...

sorry for holding up the line but V hyung is really fun to talk to! I’m really sorry but I’m not an ARMY and I don’t know your name..” “Namjoon.

My name is Kim Namjoon” I smile and say “ Nice to meet you!

” We keep talking for a bit and suddenly he takes my arm and I think my heart is beating so fast that he might actually hear my hammering heartbeat.

He signs his name and sadly I say “It was really nice to meet u all.. I just hope I see u guys again!”

They all had sad faces but as I was turning to leave V hyung enveloped me in a huge hug.

Everyone was surprised even the BTS members were surprised but they returned their attention to their fans. V hyung puts me down and takes off his mic so he could talk to me privately.

He says “Shine you are the only person who is not an idol I feel like is my friend and I don’t wanna lose you so will you please give me your number so we can text?

” By the time he ends I’m trying to hold my tears in. I give him my number and hug him one last time before he escorts me outside and we say a tearful goodbye. I hide my tears and sit in my car.

As soon as I sit in my car, my friends bombard me with questions like “Why did you take so long?” and “Where were you?” I just say “I got lost” and they believed me.

“It is 3:00 pm rn so where do u guys wanna go?” I say excitedly. They reply unanimously and say “THE MALL!!” I drive to the mall and we get out of the car.

We go inside the mall and my friends make a beeline for the fancy dress shop. I mentally groan. “Why are we here again?”I say.

They gasp and say “Did u forget? We got tickets to the BTS PROM PARTY!!” My eyes light up.

“Did u say BTS PROM PARTY?” They nod and say “Yeah we need to get dresses but we only have three tickets because we thought you didn’t want to go.

” I put on a fake smile to hide my disappointment and say “It’s ok”

We look for prom dresses and my friends find their dresses almost instantly. Ramia has a pink sleeveless gown with a heart shaped locket.

Rose has a dark red gown that reaches her feet with black highlights everywhere. She also has these beautiful dangling read earrings that look like blood.

Vinny has a dark velvet dress that is sprinkled with silver sequins and silver earrings. As they gush over their dresses, I wander around the shop. Suddenly a dress catches my eye.

It is a beautiful midnight blue gown with silver sequins glinting like stars. It is a sleeveless dress that reaches the ground.

“My silver hoops would go really well with this dress…too bad i can’t go” I say.

My friends hear me and say “Actually… Vinny just realized she can’t go to the BTS prom party because of ‘prior engagements’ so you can go in her place!” I gasp and say “Really?

!” As Vinny nods I scream “Thank You!! Thank You!!” and hug my friends.

They just chuckle and Rose says “What are you waiting for? Go buy that dress!” I quickly grab the dress and pay for it as my friends exit the store.

We are exhausted so I drop my friends to their dorms and get back to my house to relax.

As soon as I sit on the couch, my phone buzzes with messages.

I expect to see messages from my friends talking about something that BTS just posted but I received a text from an anonymous number. I ignore it thinking that it is just a wrong number.

My phone buzzes again and it is another text from the same person so I open my phone to check it out. This person is texting in Korean I think to myself before I check what it says.

Today 5:36 p.m


안녕하세요 이거 샤인 이니? 김태형입니다.

(Hello! Is this Shine?

This is Tae-hyung)

Oh my god!! Tae is texting me! I fumble with my phone as I try to turn on my korean keyboard. I respond enthusiastically. I add him to my contacts as Adorable Alien.


안녕하세요 v형제!이것은 샤인입니다

(Hello V hyung! This is Shine!)

Adorable Alien:

샤인! 겨우 몇 시간 밖에 안됐어. 난 당신이 그리워요.

(Shine! It’s only been a few hours and I

already miss you!)


나는 같은 느낌! 너 뭐하고 있니?

(I feel the same! So what are you doing?)

Adorable Alien:

우리는 음식을 먹을 것입니다.

(We are just going to eat food.)


이미?6시 방향입니다

(Already?! It’s only 6:00pm!)

I wait for his response but he doesn’t reply. I start to get worried. Am I too boring? Does he not want to be friends with me anymore? I start to panic but just then he texts me in english.

Adorable Alien:

I know right! Sorry I took so long

to reply. RM thought that I was

texting my ‘girlfriend’ which I

don’t have.


Lol ;p

Adorable Alien:

Anyways so I was thinking


Uh oh! That can’t be good

Adorable Alien:

Hey! For your information, i’m

really smart!


Ok...whatever you say

Adorable Alien:

Do you want to hang out tomorrow?

I pause to completely register what he said. He. Wants. To. Hang. Out. With.

Me?!?! Me a lowly peasant compared to his amazing and adorable idolness??? His Amazing Majesty wants to hang out with me?! I think I might have a heart attack!

Adorable Alien:

Shine? Are you there? Are you busy?

It’s alright! We can hang out some

other day then!


No! I’m not busy! I was just checking if I was free.

So where should we hang out and what time?

Adorable Alien:

How about we go to Great America?

I heard they have really fun rides and

I have to go there for a photoshoot as



That’s perfect! What time?

Adorable Alien:

What about 10a.m?


Perfect! I’ll see you there!

Omg! “I’m gonna hang out with TaeTae” I sing to myself. I’m so happy! Wait… Let me backtrack. What am I gonna wear???? I dash towards my closet to look at what clothes I have.

I look through my usual assortment of sweatshirts and jeans and I realise I have nothing to WEAR!!!! I start panicking. I take a deep breath to calm myself.

Ok so I should wear something fancy but not too fancy. Maybe I should wear my new jeans! I could wear the cute ocean blue sweatshirt.

Yes! I’ll wear that one because it gives me cute sweater paws.

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