Shy Synflower, Part 2
Shy Synflower, Part 2 manga stories

armanii Hopelessly dreaming~
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It's ok not to know the answer to everything. No one perfect

Shy Synflower, Part 2

2 years later

Still awkward

You walk forward

I stand still

Hit with tense air

I shouldn't care

But I am guilty of emotion

A terrible notion

My stomachs turning

My feelings burning

My sorrows yearning

Can we restart?

Because you make me fall apart

I see myself when I see you

Misconstrued and rude

Go away! disappear!

I'm nearly broken

You are making me worse

Stupid alcohol is a curse

And so is this mind and that night

If only I can realise time heals all

This would fade away and fall

But I want to fix whats broken

Make this mistake a beautiful token

Because I wonder how beautiful we can be

If only we restarted I would be free

-To Shy Sunflower

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