The Great Burn

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Mastering Magic

The Great Burn

It's been two hundred and fifty years since ...

Since the day they just sowed up in the skies

The news was all a buzz It seemed the world was waiting

No communications, No signal, No nothing, Just giant shiny ships hanging in the sky

They were every where Over what seemed Like every city

Then, with out so much as a whisper, at 12:37PM, on a Monday, They acted

No words, Just action

They burned everything below them

Cities, People, History, Everything, burned away like children using a magnifying glass on paper

Then they they were gone

So much and so many Just burned away and gone in an instant

All that remains Are the still burning glow of what use to be

The world changed In an instant

With the modern world gone magic reclaimed it's rightful supremacy

For those that were left, Magic became their only Hope, if they could master it

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