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Two forces join


Arlen sat at the bar with his back to the door. He had nothing to fear, and if by some chance trouble did come looking for him he knew there was always Night Wind at his side.

So without a care he worked on downing his poor excuse for stew and the swill they called beer.

Night Wind started to sing to him from her scabbard on his hip. "I know old friend, I feel her too. She is close, closer then ever before."

Arlen had traveled the 1,000 worlds to find her and now she would find him. Such symmetry in the universe is rarely found.

But today here in this place the balance of the future would be written.

He never heard swing of the bar door, or the fall of her boot steps on the wooden floor, or the the metal on metal sound as she drew her sword.

With blinding speed Night Wind cut the vary fabric of time and space in a tight upward ark. The universe exploding in a shower of sparks as swords collided.

Finishing his turn to face her Arlen rose his non sword hand, reached out and lay the palm of his hand on her bear stomach and willed the flow of magic through his had.

With a flick of his sword he knocked her sword from her as the magic flowed into her, knocking her from her feet and back out the door she had just entered.

Landing on her back with a heavy exhale in the street.

Before she could gather herself and collect her wits Arlen was on her.

One leg stretcher over her shoulder and the knee of the other leg ping her opposite shoulder down she bared his full weight. The sharp point of Night Wind resting on her throat.

"Yield! Taarna!"

"I do not wish for this day to end in your death"

She lay there taking in his words her green eyes a blaze.

"The Loc-Nar has been loosed upon the 1,000 worlds once again."

"Like you I too have felt it's presents"

"I am not your foe, but your companion in this fight against the Loc-Nar."

She closed her eyes and let go of her mind. Night Wind carried her thoughts and emotions to Arlen.

"I yield"

"I was blinded my hate of the corrupting power of the Loc-Nar and had assumed it had corrupted you as well."

With that Arlen slipped from his perch on her chest and rose. Taking her hand to help her rise and once again reached for the magic.

Heat radiated from her scabbard her sword appeared in it resting place.

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