Phinabella Story, and Phineas and Ferb FanFiction. (Chapter 1)
Phinabella Story, and Phineas and Ferb FanFiction. (Chapter 1)  phinabella stories

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Phinabella story, not sure what else to say.

Phinabella Story, and Phineas and Ferb FanFiction. (Chapter 1)

I surprisingly haven't found any phinabella on this site, ever after searching it so I decided to do this.

This story will be in a 3rd person POV (Point of view) unlike many fanfictions because I personally think it's easier to write and understand that way, so yeah now on to the story:

It was a bright sunny morning in Danville; the sun was already shining without a cloud in the sky.

This wasn't very rare for Danville as, well it barely ever rained, at least during the summer, it was usually sunny even when it was cold, and weather in danville was usually hot,

but it didn't make this beautiful morning any less enjoyable. Many people thought of ways to seize this gorgeous day, but one kid would make sure, no matter what the day was seized.

His name, was Phineas Flynn.

"Good Morning Perry," Phineas says as his alarm clock goes off.

"krrrr," Perry says in reply half-asleep still

"Hey Ferb," Phineas says as Ferb slowly wakes up, as Ferb just waves in reply.

"I'm going to go down and make breakfast," Phineas said excitedly as Ferb gives a thumbs up in reply.

As Phineas makes breakfast, one of his best friends, across the street Isabella Garcia-Shapiro wakes up,

As her alarm clock goes off, and already wake Isabella quickly gets up,

"Hey Pinky!" said an optimistic Isabella

"Maybe today's the day I'll finally get Phineas to notice me!" She says with a dreamy sigh as Pinky just barks in agreeance.

"Hey Isa," Vivian(Vivian is Isabella's mom) calls from downstairs "I fixed breakfast already," She calls from downstairs

"Ok mom!" Isabella shouts as she starts coming down the stairs

End Of chapter There will be another chapter, at first this was just supposed to be a long one shot but I have no idea what i'll do for the climax and how i'll make the ending happen so yeah I decided to delay it lol,the next chapter will be out soon

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