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arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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Having these two parts of my brain fighting with each other is...it just sucks

Writer That Understands

*this is the other part of my brain that isn't mad and understands*

I get it I just have these two very conflicting thoughts at war in my head I'm not mad I understand why

I know you meant all those things you said But that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt

I knew it I knew a while ago I knew it and felt it every time you tried to pull away and told me it was to benefit me

I felt myself trying to pull a conversation out of you you stopped saying good morning first No matter what I said or did I knew

It was rushed We tried to ignore all the things that separated us and focused on love But I said it and god damn it...I meant it I think you did too

I said I'd wait and I will I'll work on myself get myself whole and heal again

You do the same focus on yourself I'll be here If you decide you want to try again

I understand I'm not mad I'll still love you even if the last thing we say to each other is goodbye

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