Writer Gets Her Revenge
Writer Gets Her Revenge broken stories

arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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I'll write till I'm better again. I've got two very different thoughts right now...these are the bad ones

Writer Gets Her Revenge

*This is not me thinking clearly or rationally. This is just one part of how I feel. don't judge me for how I make sense of this in my fucked up head*

The problem with giving someone the key to your brain is that they can access it even after they've ended things. I know it's not a "break" I know it's done for you

If you wanted to be with me in the future you wouldn't have said for me to try again with someone else To me that's something you say when you didn't really mean when you said I love you or made plans with someone

You would have realized that this was something you didn't want to lose and the thought of me being with someone else would you as sick as it makes me feel right now

You can tell me it's not my fault until your very last breath and I still won't believe you

The rationale part of my brain has clicked off And now all the things I've been telling myself for years are coming back to chew the inside of my brain

There's something wrong with me

I can't be happy

Won't be happy because of something I couldn't control Because of a decision that wasn't mine

I'll never be able to be with someone I'll never be better and trying is just fucking pointless

And you couldn't even wait till we could sit down and talk this out like adults That really fucking hurts because I wasted so much time coming up with words to show you what you mean to me

I wrote them down like an idiot Showed them to you like an even bigger idiot

I got drunk on your words and forgot that actions speak louder

You probably won't read this But if you do just know that...I'm sorry I wasn't going to give up I would have stayed and helped you figure things out

Because you meant that much too me but I guess I didn't mean that much to you the cycle continues and the timeline repeats

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