What My Dad Has To Say (What I Think)
What My Dad Has To Say (What I Think) sad stories

arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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You know what someone who is depressed just loves to hear...your problems are nowhere near as bad as mine...thanks Dad

What My Dad Has To Say (What I Think)

Surprise! The narcissist decided to make everything all about him.

He says: Everyone??? All the time?? Common really. I'll tell you why you may feel like this. LIFE!!! It is a constant struggle, constant battles!!

I think: (You think I don't fucking know that. You don't have a fucking clue what I'm going through)

He says: Trust no one but yourself !!

I think: (I don't trust anyone not even myself)

He says: Rely on NO ONE for your happiness and contentment!! I could tell you stories of my life that would horrify you!! I'm sure you know quite a few of them!!

I think: (I do know them and I don't want to hear them anymore. This isn't about YOU!)

He says: Yet, I'm still standing, I'm still fighting everyday!! I dream constantly..it help me with hope and sanity!! If I let two people kick me down and ruin my life, I would have been layin dead in a ditch a LONG time ago..And about a thousand more times in the last 35 years!!! Yep it sux!!

I think : (Here we go lets make it all about you and your fucking struggles because they are grand and mine are minuscule compared to your big giant woes! This is why my voice gets lost)

He says: But its all part of this cruel world.You have to seriously change your mindset if your make it through the massive obstacles that you haven't even imagined are out there just waiting around any turn. I love you!!! More than anything else in this world!! You need to make some changes on you expectations of life. You need to be a survivor like your Dad!!

I think: (I have to change my mindset...gee why didn't I think of that!??It's the solution to all my problems but it never crossed my mind!! Not once! Thank god for you dad! I know my obstacles are nothing compared to what you have been through! It's nothing! Nothing compares to what you have faced!

My problems would never stack up against yours so please continue to downplay them because I just love hearing about whatever I'm feeling doesn't matter. Please continue to one up me on the scale of depression! Please continue to make me feel like I'm just overreacting because I just fucking love it!

You know me and my life about as well as you know how full of yourself you are! Don't call yourself a fucking survivor when you pretty much just told your daughter that her problems are as small as you make her feel)

Oh and Mom...If you even think about calling him or having him come down to talk to me I'll be gone before he gets here. I'll leave and I won't come back. So just shut up and stop yelling his name as a threat because all it's going to do is make me wanna stay in my room forever and never come out and NEVER speak to you again.

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