Sensitive (Title)
Sensitive (Title) free verse stories

arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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You didn't say anything to me because you didn't want to be mean or hurt was too late for that. I was already hurt and all I wanted was the truth. But I'm too sensitive for the truth.

Sensitive (Title)

You have to be careful because I’m a delicate little flower If you raise your voice I’ll probably cry And my petals will get torn Because the sound of your voice holds a gale force wind And my hands are too weak to hold on

If I cry that must mean I’m weak right? Because that’s what crying is it’s weakness leaking out of my eyes And causing my hands to shake with every breath I push out of my body and every word that comes from my trembling lips sounds like a whisper.

Speaking of whisper you have to be quiet too All of your words to me must sound like a soft hum Because as soon as I hear storm clouds come from your mouth The rain will come from my eyes and fall to ground at my feet

I can feel the rumble of your voice beneath me And it makes my heart pound in my ears It’s all too loud for a scared little rabbit like me

If I run away that must mean I don’t have the strength to face anything I probably fall apart like the Faberge egg I crushed in my hand from Pierre one Imports when I was a kid (it was an accident) and there’s no way to put me or that egg back together.

Because we are both so damn fragile that one angry glare can cause a crack in me and break everything that I am

I am fragile but I have glue to put myself back together whenever I need to

I cry but I will not let the tears stop me from letting my voice be heard

I can hear thunder in the distance and stand my ground

I am sensitive but I am not weak

Even something as delicate as a flower has thorns

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