Restart (Title)
Restart (Title) free verse stories

arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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I got a "good nights" sleep. So why do I feel so fucking miserable right now...oh wait, I know why.

Restart (Title)

I'm waking up more miserable than the day before My head hits the pillow around 11 And I'm so exhausted from trying to keep it together all day that I just collapse

My body isn't happy with the extra sleep because it got used to waiting up for you

It knows the time it's spending sleeping was devoted to you telling you that I love you and waiting to hear you say it back

you asking me about what I've been writing that day and me willingly sharing it with you and welcoming your praise

My face getting red my heart beating faster a permanent smile on my face as I laid in bed wearing your shirt

"That's adorable." you would say

"This is so unlike me." I would say

And it was true I was changing my body my mind everything changed

And now when I go to sleep it's not to dream of you It's not to sleep or rest It's to restart myself

It's to get rid of all the thoughts feelings from that day and prepare myself for it to happen again tomorrow

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