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arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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Hey readers! So for some reason this daily challenge really got me inspired. So here's some poems I came up with :)

Poison Thoughts

When I look at your hands I see long sharp talons with black ooze dripping from your fingertips it stains my skin and turns my stomach - all men

I like the slow burn I like the reminder of hearing your name seeing your face From a distance you can see it you hear about it and watch me succumb to the fate you handed me -vicarious trauma

she looks inviting glowing and seemingly innocent a beacon in the dark room you step closer and ignore the skull and cross bones you see in her eyes...

you only see the neon purple lights as she moves and beckons you with her finger to have a taste -who’s your poison

Find it inject it into your skin drink it down breathe it in make it the cure for those that gave you poison and told you it was medicine -trust me

You’ve got something very powerful behind your lips under your skin inside your mind It’s power...

It’s knowledge for others like you and poison to those who will try and take it away -you are Hecate incarnate

He left his mark on her but only she could see it everyone after him saw nothing wrong with her...

They said things like, “You’re so beautiful.” "You're so hot "Your body is amazing."

“Anyone would be lucky to have you.”

She pushed them all away until the right one came along The closer he got the more he realized what was wrong with her She was cursed He said it was okay because his kiss was the cure but it was just more poison -true loves deadly kiss

It wasn’t cupid’s arrow that hit me It was yours carefully crafted by you dipped in poison and push right into my heart -crafty hands

Poisons come in a lot of colors blood red venomous green midnight black neon purple and chestnut brown -like your eyes

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