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arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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After hearing this for a while from someone and going for a walk today...I realized some things about our friendship

Outgrown (Title)

I've outgrown this place and I've known it for a while I don't remember exactly when it happened but I remember how it felt Walking up the hill and seeing where I live didn't make me feel happy or relaxed

It made me stop or walk slower It made my feet drag and my shoulders droop There was nothing I wanted waiting for me up on the hill

I've outgrown people and I've been avoiding it for a while I remember it happening before and I remember how it felt Reaching out and being ignored makes me feel bad and question it all over again

It makes me think I don't deserve friends again or that I can't keep them or that I'm too much

No... I did not ask for too much

I asked you for a favor and got a smart ass response I asked you for advice and got it thrown back in my face I asked you to care and got silence I did not ask for too much I've done all of these things and more

I've apologized when it wasn't my fault I've gone along with things you wanted to do that I didn't want to do I've let you rant to me, cry to me and given you advice

What do I get? "That sucks." "Good luck with that."

No! That's not what you say to a friend who is hurting. Even if you don't have anything to say you say more than that

I guess I just need to face it I will always care more about other people than they care about me No one will ever drop everything to see how I am

I've outgrown this place and these faces around aren't smiling at me anymore

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