Muddy Footprints (Title)
Muddy Footprints (Title) free verse stories

arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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I've just been writing non stop and I don't care who reads it at this point. This is the way I'm choosing to heal. If you don't like it then you should have sat down with me and had a conversation.

Muddy Footprints (Title)

You left marks on me muddy footprints on the floor near my window the angry scowl on my face the deep sadness in my chest and all the ones I refuse to show

Maybe that's all I was just a warm embrace till you found something better just a gentle kiss but you wanted more and I wasn't ready to give it

Sorry that my inexperienced hands didn't touch you the way you wanted to be touched sorry that my clumsy lips couldn't melt into yours perfectly sorry that my questions were too much sorry that I was too much

I'm sorry for all the nights I poured my heart out to convince you I wanted you to convince you to stay to convince you that things would be okay

I'm going to wash away those muddy footprints

I'm done pouring my heart out to you

or anyone

Because it's not okay

I'm not okay

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