M.I.W. (Part 1)
M.I.W. (Part 1) free verse stories
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arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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I get inspired to write usually when I'm listening to music, if not then I know something is seriously wrong.

M.I.W. (Part 1)

Sometimes I get bored and decide to put some music on and just write whatever comes to my mind when I listen to it. I do this a lot because I need something to distract me from my unwanted and intrusive thoughts. So this is some music inspired writing.

The Verve Pipe : The Freshmen

Every time I think I know something Or someone I’m reminded that we're not supposed to know anything We’re all freshmen running around pretending like we know where we’re going

What we’re supposed to be doing and how this all needs to makes sense to us We couldn’t find the right path if it was placed at our feet because the other paths looks more inviting They’re lined with flowers

So we go that way and enjoy the view but ignore the bumps and missing pieces in the path. Instead of seeing hurdles we see white picket fences and we get angry when we’re asked to jump over them.

There is no path There is no plan There is only this moment And the next And the next And the...

Bring Me The Horizon: True Friends

There’s no way you didn’t know that what you said would upset me Everyone keeps reminding me how long we’ve been friends I wonder if you thought about that at all

Has anyone said to you that what you said to me wasn’t right? Has anyone asked you if you could have spared my feelings which were so close to the edge and all they needed was that little nudge from you?

No, probably not. They probably don’t say anything to you. You haven’t gone back in your head over and over replaying everything that happened that day. Thinking about every word that came from your mouth

Well I have Multiple times and let me tell you You are a true friend Because you stabbed me in the front and in the back at the same time.

In This Moment: Whore

She dyes her hair dark because she thinks it’ll make her Act differently Think differently

Maybe she can find someone else

Maybe she can take out her emotions and stomp them into the ground with her high heels

That’s what those girls wear, right?

Tight clothes

Clothes to show off the body they have

So their bodies can be looked at

They want the gaze of everyone

To burn a hole in their pink soft flesh

They don’t feel it

Their dark lipstick protects them from emotions when they touch the lips of someone else

Yeah, I wanna be one of those girls

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