Mine Or Yours (Title)
Mine Or Yours (Title) writing stories

arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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It's not a bad day. The daily prompt just kind of sparked this.

Mine Or Yours (Title)

Whose fault is it? Mine or yours

Where Is the line? Does it shake more on my side or yours? Is the fault line split down the middle? Is it equal?

I think my ground shook more I think the needle went off the charts I think the warning came but I ignored it.

There were tremors before it but I just held on and waited for it to be over.

So back to the question from before... Whose fault is it?

Depending on the day and how much damage I've dealt with I'll say it's yours or hers but not mine

Ask me a few hours later once I've had time to sit and think and I'll take the weight of it all and put it on my shoulders

The ground will shake beneath me it will break and crumble because it's my fault not yours

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