Lydia and Dante (Part 3)
Lydia and Dante (Part 3) series stories

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Lydia and her father arrive at the airport. Lydia meets Dante for the first time.

Lydia and Dante (Part 3)

They spent the rest of the night on the couch and watching Wheel of fortune. It was always a competition between the two of them to see who could solve the most puzzles. Most of the time Benjamin won but tonight Lydia won. She accepted her victory by helping him pack and giving him a ride to the airport.

“Remember, try to stay in and no joy rides with the car. I know exactly how many miles are on it.” “How many?” she asked with a grin on her face. “Okay, I don’t know exactly how many but I’ll know if you and Jenny went to California for spring break.”

“I promise no road trips or acid trips or anything of that sort.” Benjamin rolled his eyes and pulled her into a hug, “You’re too smart for your own good.” “Hey, where do you think I get it from?”

“That’s true, He turned his attention towards the cab which just dropped off his assistant Dante, great golden boy is here.” Benjamin didn’t hate Dante but his feelings towards him were pretty close to it.

To Benjamin, Dante was a spoiled brat who got a top notch education because of his daddy’s money, not because of hard work. Not to mention he was only 22 and his last partner was irreplaceable. They worked together in Africa trying to find the source of a malaria outbreak.

It was Henry, his partner, who found out that it was a different strain and put a stop to it before it became airborne. When they got back to the states, Henry took a job elsewhere and Benjamin lost his best friend and partner of 8 years.

He knows that’s not Dante’s fault but since he doesn’t have anyone to blame, Benjamin takes it out on him. “Be nice.” Lydia muttered. “Hey, Mr. C, you ready to get down and dirty with some nasty viruses?” Dante said as he punched the air like a boxer in the ring

Benjamin groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose, “Dear god this kid is going to be the death of me.” Dante smiled and reached his hand out to Lydia, “How rude of me not to introduce myself, I’m Dante.” “Hi I’m Lydia.” She said shaking Dante’s hand.

The two of them exchanged a look for a little too long, Benjamin cleared his throat and shoved Dante towards the jet and away from Lydia. “Alright kid, get on the jet we gotta go."

Dante picked up his bags and slowly walked over to where the jet was waiting. He turned around at the last minute and waved, “It was nice to meet you Lydia.” Lydia eagerly waved which earned her a glare from her father, “You too Dante, take care of my dad!”

“Oh I will.” He sighed and shook his head, “I lied you’re going to be the death of me.” “You didn’t tell me he was cute. What I’m just being polite, didn’t you teach me that?” “Very funny, get over here, He looped his arm around her and kissed the top of her head, I’ll be back soon.”

“Call me when you land okay.” “I will.”

Lydia waved to her father as he walked to the jet. She watched him take off into the air then walked back to the car. As she put the key in the ignition a single tear fell from her eye and landed on her hand.

Lydia waited up until 2 o'clock for her dad’s call. He told her he was stuck in a hotel with Dante and that tomorrow he was going to the morgue to visit a body. “Cool, ask them about any programs they have for aspiring forensics specialist.”

“I remember when you wanted to be a princess, what happened to that little girl.” Lydia laughed and flipped to the ID channel, “She watched too many crime shows with her dad.” “Oh yeah, I’m too blame for that too.” “Yes, you are.” She yawned.

“You better get to bed, I didn’t realize what time it was. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, okay?” “Okay, good night. Tell Dante I said hi.” she joked. “He’s five years older than you Lydia Cunningham! You are still in high school!”

Lydia could practically hear the blood rushing to his head and turning his cherry tomato red. Sometimes it was fun to mess with him. It was easy to push his buttons, but she didn’t do it too often.

“Dad, calm down I was just joking. You know I’m not boy crazy. If I were then I would be hosting a party, getting drunk and making bad decisions with a dumb jock.” “Oh dear god I forgot to mention no parties.” “Dad, I’m fine everything will be fine. Now I’m going to go to bed, by myself. Good night.”

“Good night sweetie.”

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