Lydia and Dante (Part 14)
Lydia and Dante (Part 14) series stories

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Lydia's good deed gives them more trouble and it's up to her to fix it. 10 likes for more

Lydia and Dante (Part 14)

“Shit, let me handle this.” Dante said as he stood up. “Dante Knight, you need to come with us.” He grabbed Dante’s arm and started to drag him away. Lydia threw the clipboard down and ran up to the guy and started tugging on his hand.

“What the hell are you doing? Where do you think you’re taking him!?” Another guy grabbed her and pushed her against the wall, “Don’t move, we’ve been authorized to quarantine him. If you continue to struggle we’ll do the same to you.”

“Hey, let her go, she doesn’t know anything. Just take me, let her go!” “Fine, you can stay out here while we question him.” The officer said as he shoved Lydia into a seat. She watched them take Dante into one of the back rooms. The receptionist was told to leave, everyone was told to leave except for them.

Even the people they had in lock up were transported somewhere else. Lydia mentally slapped herself, if she hadn’t stopped at the police station Dante wouldn’t be in a backroom getting tortured for information. When she tried to pull out her phone the officer took it from her, “Sorry, you’re not allowed to tweet about this.”

Lydia rolled her eyes, “I’m 17, I’m not a twitter obsessed tween who tweets every minute of their life. But if I did I would say you’re being a hashtag dick.” she smiled. He muttered something under his breath and walked back down the hall. Lydia looked over at the fire alarm and the fire extinguisher next to it.

She leaned to the left and saw that the guy was going through her phone. Instead of yelling at him for reading her personal messages or going through her photos , she decided to let him. Lydia had an idea and it could get them out of there or get them killed.

“I know that you and Benjamin Cunningham were at the hospital. Did you come in contact with anyone while you were there?” Dante shrugged his shoulders and leaned back in the chair, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Benjamin Cunningham is at home right now, probably sleeping.”

“We have video surveillance of you, Benjamin and Robert Lexington, entering the hospital through a secret elevator entrance.” He leaned his arms on the table, “Well it wasn’t me so maybe it was my twin. They say we all have one.”

The guy stood up and sighed, “Well maybe Benjamin’s daughter can help us, what’s her name…Lydia.” Dante shook his head and reached out, “Wait, please just leave her out of this. She doesn’t know anything, I swear. I’ll tell you whatever you wanna know.”

He smiled and sat back down, “Were you at the hospital with Benjamin and Robert?” “Why are you asking me things you already know?” “Because we don’t know where the others are, but we have you and in order to make sure no one finds out about this. We need to eliminate anyone that could pose a risk.”

“So what you’re going to kill me, Dante laughed until he pulled out his gun, shit you guys must have really messed up this time. But I bet you have cover up stories ready. Gas leak at the hospital?”

He laughed and cocked the gun, “What hospital, it’s gone. Benjamin Cunningham and two others set up bombs in the hospital because he blamed the doctors for killing his wife.” Dante didn’t care that this guy had a gun pointed at him. He jumped from his seat and lunged at the guy.

“You son of bitch!” The guy jumped back and pointed the gun at Dante’s head, “Trust me, this is a merciful death.” He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. That’s when the fire alarm went off. Dante smacked the gun out of his hand, grabbed the chair and slammed it over his head several times.

His body was lying flat against the table, not moving. Dante ran over, grabbed the gun and the folder the guy had with him. The emergency lights were dim so he couldn’t tell whether or not the guy was breathing.

He hesitated at the door and thought about going over and seeing if the guy was in fact dead but then Dante heard Lydia scream from the other side of the door. When Dante opened the door he saw her on the floor, trying to get away from one of the army guys. She drew her leg back and kicked him until he let go of her leg.

He pointed the gun at him and helped her off the ground. “Don’t move!” Dante yelled to the guy as he reached for what he was guessing was a gun on his leg. “You okay?” Lydia asked him. “Yeah, he turned towards the guy and pushed Lydia behind him, hand over any weapons you have then handcuff yourself to that bench.”

The guy slid over two more guns, a knife and a can of maise. Dante picked them up and handed Lydia one of the guns, “Do you know how to use one of these?” She nodded and took the gun. The cop handcuffed himself to the bench. I was about to leave when Lydia walked over to him,

“Wait, she reached into his pocket and grabbed a phone, I can’t wait to tweet about this.” she said.

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