Lydia and Dante (Part 13)
Lydia and Dante (Part 13) series stories

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Lydia tries to deal with the recent events that happened and Dante is trying to keep them safe. 10 likes for more!

Lydia and Dante (Part 13)

She nodded and as soon as he let go of her Lydia ran into the house. She skidded to a stop just before the living room. The person she saw was Isaac, he was lying on his back with one arm above his head and his other one reaching out to the side. There was a giant gaping hole in his neck. His blood spilled out onto the wooden floor.

A gut wrenching scream came out of her mouth, if it hadn’t been for Dante she would have fell onto the floor. Every time she tried to move closer to Isaac, Dante held her back until she didn’t fight it any longer. In the span of two hours, Lydia lost her dad and her best friend.

She didn’t care about crying in front of Dante; all the emotions Lydia was trying to bottle up came pouring out in the form of screams and sobs. She did need to cry and have someone coddle her after all because she was human.

Lydia didn’t want to go further into the house and see how many other familiar faces she knew. She didn’t understand why this was happening and she didn’t know where to go next. She needed someone to tell her what to do. Her brain was telling the rest of her body that she needed to move but all she could do was lie limp in Dante’s arms.

“I can’t move. I can’t feel anything.” “I know, but it’ll be okay, he rubbed his hand up and down her back, I promise it’ll be okay.” Dante walked with Lydia back to the car. When he tried to take the keys from her she shook her head, “No, I want to drive, she wiped her hand across her face, I’m okay really.”

He was going to question her but something told him he shouldn’t. So Dante got in the car and let her drive. As they were leaving Dante saw Lydia’s friend Isaac standing by the front door. He didn’t tell her because he didn’t think she would be able to handle it. Whatever this virus was, it was taking less time to kill its host. Dante wish he didn’t see that or any of it.

He couldn’t help but look over at her even though she told him not to. Dante had no idea what to say to her. She was just a kid and in a matter of hours her entire life was flipped. “I’m so sorry Lydia.” “It’s not your fault, you didn’t kill them."

But he did, Benjamin may have been dying but Dante was the one who killed him. He swallowed that bit of information, for now. “I know, but I don’t know what else to say.” She shrugged her shoulders, “There’s nothing else to say, she pulled the car over to the curb, there’s one more thing I need to do before we leave.”

Dante looked across the street and saw a sign for Clancy’s Police Department. When he looked over at Lydia she gave him a look like she knew what he was about to say, “We can’t go in there and tell the cops about what’s going on. They won’t believe us.”

She gripped the steering wheel and gritted her teeth, “I’m not going to tell them about the virus but I’m also not going to let Isaac and the others be forgotten. I’ll file a noise complaint and let them find him.” “But, she raised her hand and got out of the car, I’m coming with you.”

Lydia walked up to the receptionist, stone faced and numb. She took notice right away and leaned forward, “Can I help you dear?” She sighed and gave the receptionist her best fake smile, “Actually yes, I need to fill out a noise compliant. Normally I wouldn’t bother but we have newborn in the house and you know how well they sleep.”

Lydia said all of that because she saw a picture of the receptionist holding a baby on her desk. She figured it would get her to ask less questions and it did. The receptionist smiled and reached into the filing cabinet behind her, “Of course, I completely understand. Just fill this out and I’ll let an officer know.”

Lydia took the papers from her and motioned to the pens, “Thank you so much, May I fill it out here?” The receptionist nodded and handed her a clip board, “Of course bring it up when you’re done.”

Lydia thanked her and walked back over to where Dante was sitting with his knee bobbing up and down. While she was filing out the form Dante was muttering to himself, “What are you mumbling?” Lydia asked while smiling up at the woman so she wouldn’t think anything was wrong.

He shook his head, “Nothing, we just need to get out of here as soon as possible. We don’t know who might be infected.” “Okay, I’m almost done.” Three guys in military uniforms came from the front door and walked past them. They walked up to the receptionist and showed her something. She pointed to where Lydia and Dante sitting.

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