Lydia And Dante (Part 1)
Lydia And Dante (Part 1) series stories

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This is based off a dream I had. This is my first time posting an actual story on here so we'll see how it goes. Part 2 maybe if it gets 5 likes

Lydia And Dante (Part 1)

In a laboratory three scientists are stood over the corpse of one of their own. “This is what he would have wanted.” Shelly Pompre whispered.

The young woman was in her prime, 27 years old, brown eyes and dark blonde hair that rested on her shoulders. She looked over at Dr.Henry Boyd who stood over the deceased body of his protégée James Wheatley.

Dr. Boyd’s hand shook as he held the syringe filled with a violet colored liquid. It’s what he has been working on for years and his only chance to bring James back to life. Gregory Hartman, a man in his forties with crows’ feet at the side of his tired blue eyes, glared at Dr. Pompre.

“What he wanted is to live to see his work be successful, not become the human lab rat that we test it on!” Dr. Hartman yelled in Shelly’s direction. She flinched slightly and walked over to Dr. Boyd, “I’ll do this if you want me to.” She said softly and laid her hand on top of Henry’s.

The two of them exchanged a longing glance; Gregory saw the exchange and walked towards the door. He was about to remove his lab coat when he noticed a red light blinking above the door handle. He turned back to them and pointed to the door, “Henry, did you lock us in here?”

Henry put down the syringe and went over to the door with Shelly following behind. Shelly touched the intercom and waited for the beep. “Open door 3B12.” They all stood there waiting for the beep. “Access denied.” The automated voice said.

Dr. Henry walked up to the intercom and pressed the button, “Open door 3B12.” “Access denied.” The automated voice said again. Gregory cursed and pushed his way up to the intercom,

“Open the fucking door! That’s an order you robot piece of shit!” The three of them waited for the monotone voice to answer back but the voice that spoke was not the same one from before. “The door will be opened once the subject is injected with PC19.”

The three of them looked at each other than to the body on the table. Dr. Boyd grabbed onto the handle and started to pull, “Henry stop, let’s just inject the patient and leave.” “His name is James! Not the fucking patient and you killed him!” Gregory screamed into Shelly’s face.

Shelly backed away from him as he advanced towards her and grabbed her by her shoulders. He dragged her towards the body on the table. “Look at him, just because he didn’t go along with your plan, he’s a slab of dead meat on the table.” He shoved her towards the table; her fingers grazed James’s grey skin.

She turned towards Gregory, who gave her a stone cold glare, “He was about compromise everything we have worked for, she stalked over to Dr. Boyd, and everything that you have worked for was going to be lost forever. I did what needed to be done!” Gregory laughed and ambled over to the door,

“Whatever helps you sleep at night babe. You’re sheets are still filthy and you’ll still feel the blood on your hands in the morning.” Henry snapped out of his trance and looked over at Shelly, “We have to do this but after it, I’m done. No more project PC19, it’s gone on too long. We need to stop playing god and make cures for the diseases we can actually fight, not death."

Shelly reluctantly shook her head and walked over to the table. Gregory shook his head and rubbed his hands over his face, “God Henry, no were doing the devils work right now.” He motioned to the cameras and wondered who was watching them.

None of them ever got a face to match the anonymous evil corporation that gave them this lab and all the little horrors that went on down there. It was a room so white that you could not see the filth that occurred over the past years.

The three of them stood around the table, each of them expressed a different emotion. Henry had a look of shock and horror when he realized what his years of work had turned into.

Shelly’s eyes lit up as Henry reached for the syringe. Her excitement grew when Henry prepped the skin. The whole thing made Gregory glare at her with narrowed eyes and call her a bitch under his breath.

Henry watched the liquid as it slowly enter James’s vein. He could barely look the young kid in the face, 23 years old, straight out of Harvard and one of the smartest kids Henry had ever met. Gregory walked over to the intercom and pressed the button,

“Okay we did what you asked. Now let us out of here!” Gregory heard the three beeps and saw the light flash green, “WAIT!” Henry screamed. The light changed back to red.

“Fuck, Henry the door was about to open!” Gregory turned to the others who were slowly backing away from the table. “Access denied.” “Oh shit.” Gregory muttered.

James sat up straight, the blue cover that covered his body floated to the ground. He looked over at the three doctors and let out a ravenous howl. The lights in the room shut off casting the three doctors into darkness, the sounds of their screams echoed through the speaker as They watched with excitement.

Dr. Henry managed to make it over to the door, “Please let me out, please!” The nameless faces saw from the comfort of their office the bloody bite mark on the doctor’s arm, “Let him out.”

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