*Knock Knock* (Title)
*Knock Knock* (Title) writing stories

arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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Something I wrote for today's story challenge. It just sort of happened without much thinking. It's been a good writing day :)

*Knock Knock* (Title)

I’ve been locked out They changed the lock and didn’t give me the new key So I’ll just keep trying my key hoping they invite me back in hoping the lock one day fits my key again

I’ll stand outside in the rain with the key in my hand It rusts and spreads to my hands

All the windows are gone I’m not allowed to see inside I’m not allowed to know what’s going on I try the door again

The knob is gone I throw my key away because it’s useless now

So I bang on the door I bang and bang and scream and bang and beg

My fingers are broken and bloodied I wish I still had my key I wish it still fit the lock I wish the doorknob was there

After a while I realize I’m yelling at no one I realize I’m banging on nothing The door is gone It’s not in front of me anymore

I panic and panic and cry and cry For minutes For days For months

Until I see a key on the ground

I pick it up

turn around

and see a new door

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