Joselyn (Part 3)
Joselyn (Part 3) series stories

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Joselyn and Matty have a nice breakfast but Matty soon realizes getting to know Joselyn isn't going to be easy. 10 likes for part 4!

Joselyn (Part 3)

Joselyn walked in, waved to the elderly waitress who was behind the counter and walked to the back of the diner. She sat down in the booth and left the spot across from her empty for me.

I slide into the booth and looked behind me at the pictures up on the wall behind me. My feet stuck to the brown and beige floor tiles as I tried push my feet back so that I didn’t accidentally kick Joselyn.

Joselyn slid her menu towards me and leaned back, “I already know what I want.” “First time I’ve ever heard a girl say that.” As soon as I said it I regretted it immediately. The part of my brain that filters out stupid crap was still asleep, along with my good jokes.

Instead of the scowl I was expecting from Joselyn I got a half smile. She slid herself to other side of the booth and stretched her legs out next to her. “When it comes to breakfast, you can’t go wrong with coffee, pancakes and bacon.”

“You’re right, I closed the menu and placed it in front of me, I take it you’ve eaten here before?” “A few times, the waitress came over with a pot of coffee and two mugs, okay more than a few.” I laughed as the waitress poured coffee for both of us. She pointed to Joselyn, “Let me guess pancakes and bacon.”

“You got it and the same thing for my male companion.” Joselyn calling me her male companion made me look at her with a confused expression. Is a male companion like a friend? Was I allowed to call her Jo now?”

I watched her open three sugar packets and dump them into her coffee, along with two creamers. She carefully dipped her spoon into the mug and stirred it around.

The cream and black coffee swirled together until it turned into a milky brown color. I never found coffee appealing. I didn’t like the taste of it, so I added an extra sugar and creamer into mine.

I stirred it around, the color of mine was more of a light caramel. When I took a sip I expected a bitter bite but it was dulled by the sugar and cream. It was a tolerable taste that warmed me.

I wasted precious time watching Joselyn prepare her coffee when I could have been asking her questions to get to know her. “So, do you bring all of your male companions here?” I realized how it sounded and tried to back track my statement, “I didn’t mean it like that, I nervously laughed, what I meant is…

“Yes I bring all the guys I fuck here, she sipped her coffee and looked over at me, is that what you wanted to know?”

I shook my head and cleared my throat, “No, I’m just trying to make small talk and get to know you but, I suck at it.” “Why are you trying to get to know me?” “I find you interesting, is there a problem with that?”

“Only if it turns into something else. I don’t do something else’s.” "What do you mean?” “Relationships, love and all that crap.” “But you have a boyfriend don’t you?”

She shrugged her shoulders, “Not really, more like a guy I hang out with, occasionally sleep with and steal money from.” She said as she pulled a wad of cash from her back pocket.

“Was he in the shed with someone?” I asked even though I knew the answer but I wanted to see if she would tell me. “Yeah, she picked up the rest of the creamers and started building a tower, what’s your name?” she asked nonchalantly.

I laughed and bumped the table, which caused her small tower to fall. She looked up at me and narrowed her eyes, “You don’t even know my name but you invited me to breakfast with you."

Thoughts of possibly getting to know the “real” Joselyn evaporated as she looked over at me with her angry blue eyes, “I’m Matty, we went to middle school and high school together.”

“Oh, she nodded and pointed to me, are you the kid who got his dick caught in his zipper in 7th grade and the police brought the fire company and it was a whole big thing.” “No that was Greg McKinnon.”

“Oh did you sing “I Touch Myself.” In 9th grade for the talent show and had to be escorted off stage because you had rip away clothes.” “No that was Matthew Price.” I rolled my eyes. “Well what have you done Matty that makes you memorable?”

Her question caught me off guard and I could tell by her expression that she didn’t understand why. The way she asked me the question made me evaluate my life in the minute it took me to come up with an answer, “Well…I…uhh…I took photos for year book?”

“Oh, so you’re one of those guys.” “What’s that supposed to mean?” I said with a slight annoyance in my voice.

“You’re the loner artsy type of dude who sees a sunset while you’re driving and you have to pull over because it’s so beautiful and you can’t miss the opportunity to capture it’s beauty. You probably had your first kiss because of a game of 7 minutes in heaven in… 8th grade but it was only a kiss because the girl was nervous and you didn’t want to pressure her into anything because you’re that guy.”

“What’s wrong with being that guy?” I said defensively. “He’s not a memorable guy, Matty.” The image I had of who I thought Joselyn was slowly faded and was replaced with the girl sitting across from me.

I thought I was mad because of what she said and how she said it but I was actually mad that she was right. “At least I still have my morals, unlike you.” What was meant to be said under my breath was heard by her. Instead of her reaching over and slapping me or getting up to leave me with the bill, she smiled and took a sip of her coffee.

“You may have morals Matty, but I have stories and everyone loves a good tragedy.”

We ate pancakes with the sounds of only knives and forks scrapping against our plates. The silence between us felt uncomfortable for me. If Joselyn felt the same way then it didn’t show.

She happily poured syrup on her pancakes and dug her fork into them. The longer the silence lasted the more I felt like I needed to apologize.

“Okay, I feel like I should apologize for what I said. I didn’t mean it when I said you had no morals. Sorry.” “If you didn’t mean it, why’d you say it?” she said as she continued to eat.

“Well you said I haven’t done anything that would make me memorable and it hit a nerve, still I shouldn’t have said that. You can live your life however you want.” “You’re not supposed to tell someone your weakness, especially someone like me.”

“What do you mean someone like you?” “Someone who will eventually use it against you.” “Why are you going to use it against me?”

“I don’t know, but I will and I have a feeling you’ll let me, she stood up and threw a fifty dollar bill on the table, breakfast is on me.” “Actually, it’s on your not boyfriend.” She smiled and waved to the waitress, “Money is on the table Shirley. Keep the change.”

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