It's Just More Clouds (Title)
It's Just More Clouds (Title) break stories

arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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I don't really have a name for these poems. I call them cloud thoughts. I don't know why but here are a bunch of them from the past month or so :)

It's Just More Clouds (Title)

Be kind to the unapologetic poet or their sweet words will turn sour. Give closure to the unapologetic poet or they will write until they’ve closed themselves. — my pen is full of ink and my mind is filled with un-felt emotions

I don’t want to be a fly on the wall. I don’t want to know everything. I’ll settle for being a brief moment in the middle of the day when my name appears, it leaves and you go about your day. — I don’t want to ruin your day, just make it a little cloudy

If we never speak again I will always assume it was my fault. If we do speak to each other, I’ll know it was my fault. — tell me what I already know

How do I go from sharing parts of me with someone to pulling them back and hiding them once more? — 3/1/18

I had a place to rest my head. A shoulder to lean on and now I don’t. But I haven’t forgotten the feeling. — 3/8/18

You asked me very early on in our relationship what I thought our “expiration date” was. I don’t remember what I said word for word but I think I said something like “I don’t know, hopefully not for a while.” I check the expiration dates on everything I put in my mouth but I ignored the one on your lips. —best by: 2/19/18

Is it normal for people to care about one another and say I love you to each other and tell each other I won’t leave you or give up on you and then blink them out of existence? — you’re out of my sight but not out of my mind

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