Cloud Thoughts (Part 8)

Cloud Thoughts (Part 8) series stories

arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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Hey all! Here's some cloud thoughts from the past two weeks. I'm not getting a lot of writing done at home but I've got plenty of time on the bus so here's what I've been writing :)

Cloud Thoughts (Part 8)

Hey all of my fellow Commaful writers! It's been a little while so I decided to write a little piece before my poems. I just started my classes this week (four of them) so that's gonna take up a lot of time but I will continue to write and check out the daily prompt. Things are getting back to normal after a little setback so I'm excited for what's to come. Happy writing -ARivers<3

I can’t reason with the devil under my skin and I can’t stop my mind from creating images of you. -those needs

I’m so weak right now My body is craving the touch of another It aches and begs for it in a way it normally wouldn’t -body snatched

I tell myself at night to forget about it pretend it never happened because the journey to get whole and heal took too many tears too much energy too much pain to start over from the beginning -back at the start

You made me smile and in that moment I thought I could have you back -I need friends

I hate it. because you reminded me of just how lonely I actually am - I couldn’t stop smiling

Here’s the thing If you want to be in my life then stay If you want to leave then leave But don’t pop in to see if I’m still broken or if I’ve completely changed or to pry hope out of my hands again. -don’t be a yo-yo

I gave my plank to others when the waters were rough when the waves were too high I watched from the bottom and wondered why no one would do the same for me. — and I drowned (Cherry Waves inspired)

I think I got really good at faking it I think I forgot the difference between a mask and my face I think I'm still broken and I always will be -pushed back

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