Cloud Thoughts (Part 5)
Cloud Thoughts (Part 5) part 5 stories

arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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So I wrote all of these today based off one encounter with some asshole, enjoy! :)

Cloud Thoughts (Part 5)

“Baby.” I’m sorry is my name not sweet enough? Is it not soft enough? Did you call me baby because you knew at some point you would make me cry? Maybe I should call you babe because you’re a disgusting pig -oink oink

The next boy to want me better fall to his damn knees and stay there until I deem him worthy of my heart -fall like a domino

I changed my mind I don’t want to Or simply NO Doesn’t mean convince me Or nag me Or insult me Or constantly ask me Over and Over -losing it

I walk down the street Sunglasses on Headphones in my ears “Hey baby looking good today.” Disgust is my first thought Not thank you “Smile, it’s a beautiful day.” I stop and turn around.

“It was a beautiful day until you had to ruin it.” “What’s the matter beautiful; take off your sun glasses so I can see those gorgeous eyes.” “I think I’ll leave them on, you look better when I can’t see you.” -just a normal day

It’s just a game you play You play it often It works...but not this time You want to whisper sweet nothings to me make me swoon and fall to my knees but my ears don’t hear the words the same way you say them -they’re all the same

He rattles off things about me “You’re smart.” “You have a pretty face.” “You have a nice body.” “All of those things are true but you forgot the most important thing.” “What’s that?” “I am a cold goddess and your warm words cannot melt me into a puddle at your feet.” -Ode to Grace Kelly

I was not born To have a boy throw rocks at me and tell me he likes me I was not born to have a boy as a friend and have him make me feel uncomfortable in my own skin I was not born to have a boy as a friend and have him touch me when I said no

I was not born to have a boy as a friend ask me constantly to have sex with him I was not born for that I was not there for you But you made me think at the time that’s all I was and ever would be -we weren’t born for this

Write me love letters so I can keep them until you break my heart then I’ll take them rip them burn them turn them into paper airplanes and finally let them go -gone with the wind

I belong to you the same way the stars belong to the sky I may shine brighter when you’re around But I’m not afraid of the dark -not yours, never was

Reach out slowly...touch me gently Be patient be respectful If you grope If you grab I’ll cut you down with one look I’ll tie you to a chair I’ll break your fingers I’ll drag you through the mud you made and whenever your name is said your victims will become victors -load your weapons

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