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arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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This is what happens when I get left alone with my thoughts. This is what happens when I try to put into words what I'm trying to say and I feel like I didn't make anything better. If he reads this I hope it's enough to convince him that I want this if not, I'll just keep writing till I find the right things to say.

Can You?

Can you hear my heart cause it's beating so god damn loud and hasn't stopped since you came into my life. You want me to mute it?

Well I can't

I've tried to suppress it but that just intensifies the sound to the point where I can't hear anything else other than that god damn sound. I hear it in the background of every conversation I have even if it has nothing to do with you. It echoes of the walls of my mind and throughout the rest of my body.

Still think I can mute it? How about feeling it? You want me to stop feeling it?

Can you feel my heart as it pounds against the window of my chest, begging to be let out so it can see who is doing this to me? No you can't, so don't tell me you're not worth it because that makes my heart ache in a way that I've never experienced.

It makes me want to cut a hole into my chest, pry open my rib cage, reach in and pull my heart out. Even if I did do that the hollow spot in my body would still thump along with my heartbeat and I would still feel you in there.

Whether your filling my chest with so much love that it makes me feel like I'm floating or you've drained me of all my hope and happiness...I'll still feel you.

So which one do you want to do to me? You want to see how much I care? I'll show you. Just give me the chance

Can you see my heart and all the things that are wrong with it because people came and took pieces of it or stomped on it and walked away with nothing but a smile on their face? You keep saying you'll leave me alone but I don't want that! I was alone for so long that it didn't even feel like an emotion to me. It was just me and who I was.

I was alone with no one to share my life with and I was fine with that. It wasn't something I needed or was actively seeking out. Then I met you and now I have that and now I can't imagine life without it. I can't go back to that I won't

So can you please...please for me stop telling me to do the impossible. Because the one thing I can't do is stop my heart from loving you.

So... stop telling me you aren't worth it stop saying I'm better off Can you do that for me? Can you?

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