Burn Me Once... (Title)
Burn Me Once... (Title) series stories

arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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This prompt really lit a fire in me...haha get it because the prompt is burned. Yeahhh here's some poems lol

Burn Me Once... (Title)

Did you think that if you burned me scorched my insides so that when I spoke nothing came out except ash and a bellow of pain that I would stay silent and hold it all in? -unleashing my own hell

What a lovely way to be burned by the same lips that told you all the things you’ve always wanted to hear all the things you wouldn’t hear and all the things you didn’t want to hear -scorching lips sink relationships

Burned But I’ll use the ash on my face As lipstick and eye shadow disguised with darkness in my eyes and revenge on my lips -the burned and scorned

I can burn the pages if I want to Our pages were barely a chapter and it never had the potential of becoming a book -you handed me the match

Some books can’t be burned because they don’t live on bookshelves Some pictures can’t be burned because they don’t live in boxes and frames -the unburnable things

The fire burned red and black An orange glow between them But when she looked at him She was met with a grin A sea over blue washed over her

The white light of moonlight shone down on her An orange glow between them He get caught in her gaze And in that maze he found where the grass was greener -in his/her eyes

If I set myself on fire It’s not to keep you warm It’s to keep you from burning me again -fight fire with fire

I burned our bridges because you replaced my sadness with anger I traded my tears for gasoline I burned our bridges because you replaced my fear with courage I traded my words for a match -pour and drop

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