Blow Me Away (Title)
Blow Me Away (Title) free verse stories

arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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Wrote this in my phone on the way into class this morning

Blow Me Away (Title)

How could you break me, when I was already broken?

How could you take what little happiness I had away from my aching fingers with words that came out of your mouth so effortlessly?

How could you drop another bomb on me before the dust even settled from the first one?

You gave me no time to examine my wounds and tend to them. You didn't give me a chance to breathe in clean air. He made it hard to breathe

But you made the air toxic The environment uninhabitable

It doesn't matter if what you said to me wasn't a sure thing You saw me in my fragile state And decided I wasn't broken enough

"Maybe two people with extreme anxiety shouldn't be together." "I wouldn't wait for him if I were you." "Oh hey now you can get with the hot neighbor guy!" Both of you pushing me to move on before I had a chance to breathe!

I poured my heart out to you as the sun started set up on the hill as we looked down at the city. Close to tears telling you everything and that's what you had to say?

How could you?

No...better yet

How dare you?

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