Between Friends

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arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
Autoplay OFF   •   a year ago
I love writing stories and there's one story I've tried to write multiple times but I can't. It's our story and I think that's where it should stay. This is my entry for the button poetry contest. I hope you like it!

Between Friends

We were nothing more than friends The kind of connection that could have been something more But never went beyond our inside jokes and endless late night conversations

It was a pure form of love The type that no one could see or comment on The type we could feel without even touching The type that was decided by fate

It was friendship with a dash of sibling rivalry a pinch of flirting and the overwhelming urge to make each other laugh till we cried. It wasn't perfect but it was ours

So when people ask, "Have you ever been in love?" I say, "No." because our time was our own and that's where the story of us will stay.

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