Asking A Demon For Help
Asking A Demon For Help daughter stories

arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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Just a little something I felt inspired to write based off the prompt and the day I had. I may have put myself in this story lol

Asking A Demon For Help

“So you want me to possess you?” I nodded, “Yeah that’s why I summoned you. I need you to take care of someone for me.” The demon laughed loud enough to shake the windows in my room,

“You want to me to take care of someone; I’m not the mafia love. I don’t whack people and leave them to “sleep with the fishes” as you humans say. I possess humans, find other bad humans and take them to hell.” “I know and I’ve got just the person for you to take, I mean it he is truly evil.”

“Let me guess, did he break your heart, cheat on you with someone or accidentally run over your dog.” “What? No, god if someone ran over my dog I wouldn’t have to summon a demon to take them to hell, I’d do it myself.”

The demon shook his head and smiled, “You humans are so touchy when it comes to your furry companions. Kill people in a movie and people will line up for a ticket to see it, kill a dog and PETA becomes scarier than me.” “No this guy isn’t a boyfriend, it’s my Dad.”

“You want me to send your father to hell?” I nodded, “Yup, I held up my hand, and before you ask no he’s never hit me or anything like that. I’m just tired of being his emotional crutch. I have spent my entire life being a therapist to him, listening to all of his problems and he’s the biggest narcissist I ever met...

anytime I try to talk to him about something he has to make it all about himself and he tries to tell me how I should feel about things and compares everything I go through to something he went through and of course his situation is much worse and I haven’t even told you about my childhood…”

“Woah, woah okay, he put his hand on my shoulder and for some reason I thought it was going burn but it didn’t, take a breath love, your face is starting to change colors.” I took a deep breath in and exaggeratedly blow it out. “Sorry I just get really angry when I talk about him.”

“It does sound frustrating but sending him to hell is a little extreme, don’t you think? Why don’t you just try talking to him and telling him how you feel?. You humans love to do that.” “Yes and every time I try to he ends up making it all about him. I’m tired of it. He won’t listen to me and when I try to just ignore him he subtly pushes his way back into my life. I just want him gone, okay?”

“Alright listen, here’s what I’ll do I will shadow you for a little bit and observe what’s happening then I’ll decide whether or not you father deserves to be in hell, deal?”


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